Robert A. Weigand, Ph.D.

Robert A. Weigand, Ph.D. provides litigation support including the estimation of economic damages in cases of wrongful death, injury or termination and the valuation of life care plans, pensions, and household assets.

Dr. Weigand holds a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from the University of Arizona (1993). His research has supported numerous innovations in professional money management, including 130/30 long-short funds and Russell Investment's CrossVol® indexes. Dr. Weigand has served as a faculty member at several universities, including Texas A&M, the University of Colorado, and the International School of Management in Paris. He has won 10 major awards for his teaching and research during his 30-year career in higher education, and has published 45 scholarly articles and a textbook on stock market analysis:
Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management

Dr. Weigand invites inquiries from law firms, industry and private individuals. His full resume is available here:
Robert A. Weigand, Ph.D.

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